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Apricot, Avocado, Baby Cheetah, Banana, Black, Blossom, Blue, Blush, Bottle Green, Bumble Bee, Burnt Orange, Cadet Blue, Carrot, Cerise, Champagne, Chocolate, Cobalt, Cow Brown, Emerald, Evergreen, Fireball, Flintstones, Gold, Grape, Green Camoflage, Grey Camoflage, Leopard (Brown), Leopard (Pink), Leopard (Premium), Leopard (White), Light Blue, Lilac, Lime, Lipstick, Melon, Metal, Musk, Mustard, Navy, Olive, Peach, Peacock, Pink, Pink Orchid, Polkadot Blue, Polkadot Fluro Yellow, Polkadot Green, Polkadot Navy, Polkadot Orange, Polkadot Yellow, Purple, Rabbit, Rainbow Pride, Raspberry, Red, Sienna, Silver Fox, Sky Blue, Snow White, Tangerine, Teal, White, Wine

Fluff ColoursPrice
Metal$3.00In stock
Olive$3.00In stock
Evergreen$3.00Out of stock
Cadet Blue$3.00In stock
Burnt Orange$3.00In stock
Bumble Bee$3.00Only 2 left in stock
Brown Leopard$3.00In stock
Blush$3.00In stock
Blue$3.00In stock
Blossom$3.00In stock
Black$3.00Only 1 left in stock
Banana$3.00In stock
Baby Cheetah$3.00In stock
Avocado$3.00In stock
Apricot$3.00In stock
Carrot$3.00In stock
Cerise$3.00In stock
Champagne$3.00In stock
Chocolate$3.00In stock
Cobalt$3.00In stock
Cow Brown$3.00Out of stock
Emerald$3.00In stock
Flintstones$3.00Only 2 left in stock
Fireball$3.00In stock
Gold$3.00In stock
Green Camoflage$3.00In stock
Grey Camoflage$3.00In stock
Light-Blue$3.00Out of stock
Lilac$3.00Out of stock
Lime$3.00In stock
Lipstick$3.00In stock
Musk$3.00In stock
Mustard$3.00In stock
Navy$3.00In stock
Peacock$3.00In stock
Pink$3.00In stock
Pink Leopard$3.00In stock
Pink Orchid$3.00Only 3 left in stock
Polkadot Blue$3.00In stock
Polkadot Fluro Yellow$3.00In stock
Polkadot Green$3.00In stock
Polkadot Navy$3.00In stock
Polkadot Orange$3.00In stock
Polkadot Yellow$3.00In stock
Leopard (Premium)$4.50In stock
Purple$3.00In stock
Rabbit$3.00In stock
Raspberry$3.00In stock
Red$3.00In stock
Sienna$3.00In stock
Silver Fox$3.00In stock
Sky Blue$3.00In stock
Snow White$3.00In stock
Tangerine$3.00In stock
Teal$3.00In stock
White$3.00In stock
White Leopard$3.00In stock
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